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RV Parking Permit Application

  • To help address the growing trend of parking enforcement cases related to RVs, and to better assist the City in monitoring and enforcing parking activity, City Council passed a code on May 16, 2017, requiring a no-cost, 72-hour permit to park an RV on a residential street.

    Getting a permit

    To obtain a free permit, simply complete the form below and click "Submit Form." Once received, the property owner or lawful tenant will get an email that serves as their permit.

    RV permit form

    Property owner or tenant name:
    Street address:  
    City of Gresham active utility bill account number:

    Don't know your account number? Contact Utility Billing at 503-618-2373.
    RV license plate number:       
    Start date of permit:

       [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 
    Note: Permit is valid for no more than three consecutive days.

    • More information
    • Frequently asked questions
    More information

    Friendly reminders

    • The permit is good for three consecutive days.
    • You can get up to six permits a year.
    • Please do not connect the RV to external power or water source that may create a safety hazard across public sidewalks.
    • Please do not discharge wastewater into the public system at any location other than a licensed discharge station.
    • Please be mindful of safety around stairs, tips-outs and slide-outs that could obstruct sidewalk or street use. 



    Frequently asked questions
    Q: Can the RV park in front of my house for more than three consecutive days?

    A: Each permit is good for three consecutive days.  Each property will have the ability to get six permits each calendar year. If you are requiring a length longer than three days, you will need to get a new permit.

    Q: What if I don’t know my utility billing account number and it’s a weekend?

    A: Your utility billing account information is available online 24/7 through a Your Online Utilities (Y.O.U.) account. If you think you’ll need an RV parking permit during the year, sign up now for your online account.

    Q: What if I need more than six permits a year?

    A: Currently, property owners may not receive more than six permits per year. If an RV is parked next to your property without a permit, it is subject to ticketing and tow.

    Q: Do I need to print out my RV permit email, or can I keep it on my phone as proof?

    A: No, you do not need to print or display the permit on your vehicle, but please retain the RV permit email you receive as proof of having a valid permit.

    Q: Can the RV park in front of my house for a few hours without a permit?

    A: You may park an RV at your house without a permit for the purposes of immediate loading and unloading only. It should be apparent to an inspector or police officer that loading/unloading activity is taking place.

    Q: What if I have a Rockwood PUD account, but I’m a Gresham resident? 

    A: If you are a Rockwood People’s Utility District customer, you still have a City of Gresham utility account for wastewater, stormwater and Police/Fire/Parks fee billing. Your utility billing account information is available online 24/7 through a Your Online Utilities (Y.O.U.) account.