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Gresham Police Awards

  • 2018 Appreciation Ceremony

    The Gresham Police Awards publicly recognize the performance of individual and collective acts that go above and beyond assigned duties or actions by staff, agency employees, citizen groups or individuals. 

  • 2018 Officer of the Year
    Officer Joel Walden

    Officer Joel Walden is one of the hardest working officers in the Gresham Police Department. Joel is very proactive and consistently finds and arrests subjects in stolen vehicles and in possession of guns and narcotics. He is always on the scene of critical incidents looking for a role to fill and assumes any role without hesitation or complaint.

    Officer Walden is known for his physical fitness in a profession that requires physical fitness and nutrition not only to survive physical encounters with criminals, but to maintain long term health in an extremely stressful occupation.

    With over 700 hours of overtime in 2018, its clear the devotion Officer Walden has given to the Gresham Police Department. He is a member of EMGET, a Survival Skills Instructor, and is a Police Training Officer. Even with all his responsibilities, Officer Walden remains humble.

    Officer Walden always has a positive attitude, a smile on his face, and his humor keeps his fellow officers in high spirits.

    2018 Employee of the Year
    Julie Kallem, Senior Management Analyst

    Julie has been instrumental in applying for grant funding for officer positions and equipment. Julie is a consummate professional and is always available when called upon for help. Julie is fiscally responsible and makes sensible recommendations and decisions when investing in equipment and resources. Julie’s workplace leadership has led to increased professionalism and productivity by all those that work with her in our organization. Julie is approachable and respectful and makes everyone she works with feel respected and valued.  Julie advocates for Officers and all city employee’s medical benefits by participating in the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee. 

    2018 Traffic Officer of the Year
    Officer Hector Carranza

    Over the past year, Officer Carranza has shown extraordinary dedication to traffic enforcement, above and beyond his normal duties as a patrol officer. He actively conducts traffic enforcement between calls for service and he never hesitate in helping with any portion of a DUII investigation, no matter how many reports he is down. He is always the first volunteer to help with a blood draw or SFST's.

    Hector also participates in the DUII Enforcement Grant, volunteering to work on holidays such as New Year’s Eve and Superbowl Sunday. A fellow officer on his shift noted that they would be severely impacted if Officer Carranza wasn’t on it.

    While on patrol, Hector responded to 34 traffic crashes, conducted 329 traffic stops, and made 34 DUII arrests. It should be emphasized that all these traffic related activities were done on top of Officer Carranza’s regular duties, of which he is also very active. In 2018, Hector worked the greatest number of days in the patrol division (191), he made the third highest number of arrests (137), and he was fourth in the most case reports written (328). Also, in 2018 Officer Carranza was selected to become a member of the Vehicular Crimes Team, which includes over 80 hours of training in crash scene reconstruction and the use of related tools and equipment. Hector has also expressed interest in becoming a Drug Recognition Expert.

    Officer Carranza’s hard work and focus on conducting traffic/DUII enforcement has undoubtably made the roadways of Gresham safer for the community.

    2018 CVIP of the Year
    Phil Peterson

    Phil Peterson is very deserving of recognition. Over the past 10 years, Phil has regularly participated in Saturday morning patrols, participated in most city events where CVIP presence was requested, attended all monthly CVIP meetings and routinely stocked GPD patrol cars. More importantly, Phil has demonstrated insight to the CVIP program by recommending innovative suggestions for the success of the CVIP program. Phil has a one of a kind sense of humor which has helped bond the CVIP members together. All CVIPs are forever grateful to Phil for pushing for the Tahoe as it is safer and easier for some of the aged CVIPs to drive.

    2018 Cadet of the Year
    Michael Norris

    Michael began his journey with the cadet post in 2016 and he quickly proved himself as a leader. In January 2017, Michael was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, leading a squad of five. A short nine months later, in September 2017, Michael was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. It was only two months later when Michael was promoted to Captain, a position that oversees the entire cadet post. Michael is eager to learn and has always been a go to person that can be relied upon. Michael ended 2018 with the third highest volunteer hours at 713. 

    Unit Citation

    This award is presented to those members of a unit who have collectively performed their assigned duties in such a manner that reflects exceptional credit on the Department.

    2017-2018 Vehicular Crimes Team (VCT)
    • Lieutenant Brent Laizure
    • Sergeant Jeff Cordes
    • Sergeant Ted Van Beek
    • Sergeant Tom Walker
    • Sergeant Todd Brightbill
    • Officer Jeffrey Durbin
    • Officer David Snider
    • Officer Robert Harley
    • Officer Scott McFarland
    • Officer Michael Kritter
    • Officer Chad Stevens
    • Officer Matthew Frutiger
    • Officer Jared Hansen
    • Deputy Chad Diekmann
    • Deputy Shaun Fitzgerald
    • Deputy Kevin Baird
    • Deputy Kevin Odill
    • Deputy Eric Purdell
    • Deputy Dylan Lerch
    Unit Citation

    This award is presented to those members of a unit who have collectively performed their assigned duties in such a manner that reflects exceptional credit on the Department.

     2017 Child Abuse Team (CAT)
    • Sergeant Kevin Waren
    • Sergeant Mark Snyder
    • Detective Mark Bigeagle
    • Detective Aaron Dressler
    • Detective Robert Harley
    • Detective Isaac Hibbs
    • Detective Jon Hunt
    • Detective Meng Lin
    • Detective Katy Manus
    • Detective Steve Forland
    • Detective Nate Tobey
    • Detective Jennifer Musser
    • Detective Steve Gandy
    • Detective Todd Christensen
    • Officer Susan Abrahamson
    • CARES NW
    • Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
    • Child Abuse Hotline
    • Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office
    Medal of Valor

    The highest award that may be granted to any department member or other agency personnel for an act of outstanding valor by demonstrating in great degree characteristics of selflessness, bravery and/or heroism and devotion to duty.

    • Officer Brendon Hayes
    Medal of Commendation with Valor

    This is the second highest award that may be presented for exemplary performance that is above and beyond the normal scope of duties for the position held by the nominee. This is presented to those whose actions were hazardous yet with an objective of sufficient importance to justify the risk. These heroic actions may have occurred during a one-time act or for performance over a period of time.

    • Detective Aaron Turnage
    • Detective Tony Cobb
    Life Saving Medal

    The Life Saving Medal may be presented to a person who has deliberately saved a life while being fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and under circumstances where had the nominee not acted, it is more than likely the person would have died. 

    • PRSI Lori Schmit
    • Officer Brendon Hayes
    • Sergeant Jeff Cordes
    • Officer Daniel Tatro
    Distinguished Service Medal

    The Distinguished Service Medal is presented to members of the department making significant and exceptional contributions to the department over a long period of time. 

    • Sergeant Scott Hogan
    Meritorious Service Medal

    The Meritorious Service Medal is presented to members of the department making significant and major contributions to the development of programs, policies or procedures with positive impact on the goals for Gresham Police.

    • Officer Shawn Debler
    • Detective Fred Huffman
    Medal of Commendation

    The Medal of Commendation is awarded to members for exemplary performance above and beyond the normal scope of duties for their position. It may be presented for a one-time act or for performance over a short period of time.

    • Officer Mark DeLong
    • PRSI Jason Puckett