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Bird Surveys

  • Volunteers have identified 132 unique bird species in Gresham since our first bird survey in 2009.

    Want to help?

    • Bird survey volunteers survey in pairs.
    • Not experienced? Don’t worry. The City offers free bird identification training.
    • Volunteer training is required in surveying and bird identification.

    To participate, contact Kat Maloney at

    Surveyors experienced at identifying birds by sight and sound are needed to adopt a site and lead surveys. 

    Survey goals 

    Birds indicate the health of Gresham’s land and water ecosystems.

    • Staff use the survey information to develop strategies to support native birds.
    • Knowing what bird species live in Gresham helps our habitat stewards know where and what kind of bird nest boxes to install. 


    In 2015, community volunteers revealed bird species living in Gresham, including:

    • Native woodpeckers, ducks, hummingbirds, and raptors (birds of prey).
    • Two non-native, invasive species – European starlings and house sparrows.
    • Two species on the state listed species of concern – Pileated woodpecker and Olive-sided flycatcher.


    An AmeriCorps volunteer developed the first bird survey protocol for the City in 2009. The first survey was conducted by 14 community volunteers, at 44 sites, including 14 in Gresham’s natural areas.