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Backyard Habitat Certification

  • How it works 

    The service includes a visit from an East County gardening technician, who will identify invasive weeds, suggest beneficial native plants, and other outdoor features that attract and support wildlife.

    Enroll today

    For $35, participants receive*:

    • A home visit by appointment
    • A report with recommendations for your yard
    • Advice on stormwater management
    • Free bird or bat box
    • Free resources like gardening coupons
    • Access to the fall annual native plant sale offering deep discounts over retail prices
    • A beautiful certification sign for your yard

    Contact us

    • Questions about the program? Call a Backyard Habitat representative at 503-841-5918.
    • Scholarships are available to Gresham residents if cost is a barrier to participation. For more information, email or call 503-618-2657.


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    • Now is a great time to sign up for the Backyard Habitat Certification Program, offered to Gresham residents in partnership with the Audubon Society of Portland and the Columbia Land Trust. Enroll today.

    • Receive a visit from an expert landscape technician and have your yard certified as backyard wildlife habitat.

    • A Backyard Habitat technician will provide a detailed plan, including beneficial native plants, for your yard.

    • Backyard habitats are sources of food for a variety of insects, birds, and other small animals.

    • Native flowering plants and trees sustain pollinators with nutrient rich nectar and pollen.